When you arrive in Nicaragua you will be charged a $10 tourist entrance fee. Make sure you have American dollars on you as they do not accept Debit or credit cards


No need to exchange money before your trip as all locations in Nicaragua accept US dollars, but expect to receive Cordobas (the local currency) as change


When Traveling in Nicaragua you will always need to carry a copy of your passport and a valid Drivers License if you intend to rent a vehicle.


Immunizations and Vaccinations:  Current Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccinations are a smart thing to have. There is No Zinka Virus on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Malaria is very uncommon on the Pacific Coast as well. 


Electronics: All Plugs in Nicaragua are American standard and the power grid runs on 110 volts (same as states)


The Time zone in Nicaragua does not change. It is normally on CST (central standard time/ Chicago). Daylight saving reflects MST (Mountain stand time/ Denver)