Eli Marcotte
"It was so much fun! We scored with a massive swell and Popoyo Outer Reef was going off. The surf guides were able to get us out and kept us safe the whole time. We had so many fun days of surf my arms were noodles when we left." - Eli Marcott
Lauren Berg
"I loved the beaches and the snorkeling just a short walk from the house. This place was great and so relaxing. Friendliest dogs that loved playing on the beach all day with us." - Lauren Berg
Mike Shine

"I had such a fun time. We painted murals at local Hotels and Art Studios, we surfed and traveled around the country, and we had a blast with the guides.  It's more than a Surf Trip, it's a trip to remember for ever." - Mike Shine

"This place is magical! My friends and I have been there 3 times for the tours and surfed every minute of them. Great location, amazing guides, and best waves of my life!!! I highly recommend going!!" - Quannah KauKanon
Jake Mathews
"We had an amazing time staying at The RipHouse. The surf and beaches were spectacular and we were also able to make some cultural tours to Granada and Lake Nicaragua.  It was a great experience and we would go back any time." - Jake Mathews
Zack Fuller

"We were met at the Airport with beer ready for the drive to the Beach. It was action packed Every Day! From learning how to drive motorcycles on the beach to partying in San Juan i couldn't have asked for more.!!! I will definitely be back" -Zack Fuller