About the Country

Nicaragua, known as "The land of Lakes and Volcanos" is home to more than seven active volcanos and the largest tropical fresh water lake in Central America. Both of these facts have led to the exceptional year round surfing conditions to be found in this Latin American country. The lava flows from  thousands of years of activity have created incredible geologic formations, flowing all the way to the oceans. The combination of the beautiful cliffs and bays with the consistent south swells, carves out and forms perfect reefs that leave velvety black sand beaches. This country is a surfer's paradise!

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What Makes The Winds

Lake Nicaragua, also called "La Mar Dulce", combined with Nicaraguas unique shape have created ideal wind conditions for surfing.  The Northeast Trade winds blow off the Caribbean Ocean and find an unimpeded passage over the lake and are then channeled towards the south pacific side of the country by the unique volcanic features of the land.  When all of this comes together, it creates perfect light offshore winds almost year round.


The Seasons

Nicaragua enjoys year round surf, ranging from consistent and manageable size, to world class big waves, with two very distinct seasons.

  • Invierno, or the "green season" takes place between May and December. During this time of year the river mouths open up and create many fun beach breaks and the reef breaks pick up more of the southern swell that fills in bringing more size and consistency to the area. Nicaragua gets southern swell all year but the power and consistency of the swells increase in the beginning of the green season.

  • Verano, or the "dry season" lasts from the end of December through April. This time of year has little rain and the southern swells die down.  The waves tend to be chest to chin high consistently, with larger swell starting to fill in at the end of the season in April. The offshore winds tend to be a bit stronger at this time of year as well causing the water temperature to drop slightly. During this time of year, it is smart to pack a wet suit top or spring suit. The surfing is still great but it is also a perfect time to travel to other parts of the country and experience the rich culture of the country.